Thinking of all of you, or friends and supporters.  Wishing you all the best of holidays and good times with relatives and remembering the birth of or Lord!

Zimbabwe is having a difficult Christmas this year.  We always give our staff a bag full of groceries for them to have on Christmas day with their family.  This year we have had acute shortages of basic food stuffs and when you cold find it you were limited as to what you could buy, and most costs have increased 300-500% since October 1st. 

Fuel has also been short with people sleeping in queues and long, long lines when the fuel is delivered.  We have been trying to save or fuel we have for ART outreaches, immunization clinics and ambulance runs.

Then I went into the hospital on December 12 to have my kidney stent removed and came home in 1 day but ended p 2 days later back in the hospital for an infection.  Stayed 5 days and took awhile to feel better so everything was on hold for or Staff Christmas party!

I was discharged on Wednesday afternoon and home by Thursday night and back at work Friday! I am feeling much better and glad to be home, although I was greeted with the electricity going out due to a rain storm, we had that day and still is out 4 days later!

After I started feeling better in the hospital, I was giving Major errands to do, and he was able to find a wholesale place that allowed us to buy groceries for our staff!  They let us buy more than 1 item of hard to find things since we were a hospital.  When people complained when he was checking out the manager told them it was for a hospital and they became very quiet!

My cook got busy making 6 cakes since we found flor for the first time in 3 months—so the party is on for lunch on Monday (December 24th) for all the staff—100 people!

We are thankful to all who have supported us through difficult times this year.  The doctors at or main hospitals in Harare and Bulawayo have been on strike for 3+ weeks.  Teachers are threatening not to come back to work in January after the holidays.  This has led to more patients we are seeing here and more shortages of basic medications.

Continue to pray for us and the country and leaders of Zimbabwe.  This is going to be a very bleak Christmas for most and we pray for things to get better in 2019!

Remember Christmas is not the food we eat or the gifts we get or if we have electricity or not,  but remembering the Savior who came long ago! Enjoy your time with friends and family and Chidamoyo thanks you for all you do for us throughout the year!


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