Getting ready to go to USA

It has been a busy last 2 weeks as I prepare to go to the US for 4 months.  All the things I need to do to get my house ready to be gone and my work ready to be gone can be quite overwhelming.  Many people must do the many jobs I do each day.  To keep a hospital running can be quite a job!

We had visitors last week starting on Tuesday the 13th when Janice and Faye Rosevit, song evangelists from Colorado Springs, CO came to visit.  They were last here in 1985!  They remembered meeting me when they arrived on the 4th of July and I was wearing Red-White and Blue.  They had also been here in 1969 and 1972.

They did a concert for us on Tuesday night and then devotions at the hospital on Wednesday morning and then another concert on Wednesday night.  On Wednesday night we had other church choirs join to present music too.  Our chapel was full of people and all appreciated their singing—they do lots of Shona songs!  They left on Thursday to continue their trip to Zambia, Cairo, Egypt and Norway.  We told them not to wait another 34 years to come again!

As they left on Thursday another 2 visitors arrived—Lisa Price and her twelve-year old daughter, Catherine.  Lisa works for Bay Area Global Health Alliance and through a contact we were put together and she happened to be coming on vacation to Zimbabwe!  She worked for an NGO in 1996 in Zimbabwe for a year and was coming back to visit friends and show her youngest daughter, Zimbabwe.

They agreed to come out here to the bush to meet me and we had a wonderful time for the 2 days they were with us.  Lisa and Catherine went out with me on Friday to one of our ART drug clinics, Nyamutora (1 hour away) and helped me in drawing viral loads (Catherine did the paperwork) and played games with the kids who had come to pick up their meds.  They really enjoyed their time in going out with us and we hope to meet up in the US.  Lisa’s husband works for Jelly Bellies and Major loved the Jellybeans she brought, and she is going to arrange a VIP tour for us at their factory in Fairfield when we are in the US!  Major is so excited about that!

Our plan is to leave here on Sunday (the 25th) to go to Harare.  Major goes for his visa interview on Monday (26th) and if he gets it, he will go back to Chidamoyo for a day and pack up and we leave on Thursday at 1 p.m. from Harare to Johannesburg, South Africa to Dubai to San Francisco arriving on Friday the 30th at 2 p.m.

Major is then scheduled to leave on Saturday the 31st of August at 0600 to fly to Wichita to speak at Countryside Christian Church on Sunday the 1st.  Hope he can keep awake!

I will stay in Santa Rosa to begin some of the pre-op work that needs to be done before my surgery which will be scheduled in October.

Things continue to fall apart in Zimbabwe.  Electricity improved for 2 days last weekend—I got to cook on my electric stove for dinner—wow!  First time in months.  Quickly on Monday we went back to our 10 p.m.-4:30 or 5 a.m. electricity.  Fuel is harder to get all the time, food prices continue to climb, money is hard to get, prices for medicine for the hospital is so much more than our patients can afford, but life goes on!  I’m not sure how we will handle all the conveniences of the US—it may be too overwhelming for us-ha!

We have been working on putting a new cover on our large water tank and the project should be done this week.  This will help us so much to store more water to have for the hospital and houses.  We are so thankful to Dr. Stephanie Huang who generously paid for this needed project.

I will stay in Harare from Sunday evening until we leave on Thursday to get somethings done before we leave.  It is still cold in the mornings and nights, so it will be hard to be in Harare with cold weather and no electricity—just go to bed and keep warm!

The last month I have been fighting a bad UTI.  I started on oral medicine and then became resistant to it, so now on IV medication for a week before I go—hope this works!  I give my own medication, so it’s not too inconvenient and I am feeling better which helps.

When we get our phone numbers in the US, I will post them here.  Pray for the hospital as we are away and for my upcoming surgery and Major as he travels and presents our work and for our fundraiser in Seattle on the 7th.  We hope to see many of our friends there!

Rosevit Twins giving concert at Chidamoyo

 Faye and Janice with Major and Kathy

 Catherine and Lisa with Kathy at Nyamutora

 Catherine helping me at Nyamutora ART clinic

New covering for water tank

Running sand up to water tank to mix the cement

Putting cement top on water tank


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