Thanksgiving 2012

On Monday Stephanie, Judy and Denise and Jordan (4 of our visitors) went out to help with Well Baby Clinic where we give vaccinations to under 5’s.  It turned out to be a very busy clinic and they did not get home until after 4 p.m.!  They were very exhausted and dirty!

On Tues Judy and Denise volunteered to go for ART outreach clinic.  This is a very busy clinic and they helped to do all the weights and handing out of medicines!  They got back about 5 p.m. very tired!

On Thursday Denise volunteered to go for an ART outreach clinic 2 hours from here.  She is a nursing student from Finland and getting lots of experience in community health.

On Thursday Sylvia and Chuck left for Gweru to say goodbyes to Sylvia’s family.  They meet up with the other 4 visitors on Sunday in Harare and the 6 of them go to The Hide on safari in Hwange Game Park and then 4 nights in Victoria Falls before they all leave for home.

John and Jim finished the shelving and desk units in the new nurses’ station.  It really looks great and the men have started on putting the ceiling in.  We are so thankful for this big addition. 

Living in a foreign country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving gives us a chance to celebrate when we choose.  Since Thursday the 22nd of November is not a holiday here we don’t have time to cook a big meal after work all day.  This year we all agreed to celebrate on the 16th—6 days early for the US but just the right day for us.

We had 7 American visitors( and 2 of us Americans who live here)  this year and we wanted to do it before 4 of them left.  We gave everyone an assignment to cook something, while my cook roasted 3 chickens and carrots and I made the dressing when I got home from work. Our final menu was 3 roasted chickens, green bean casserole, yams with marshmallows, roasted carrots,  dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce and olives.  For dessert 4 pumpkin pies, 1 apple pie and 1 apple and peach pie!  We had 9 Zimbabweans and 1 Finnish citizen who shared our meal with us—so we had 19 for dinner.  We all ate and got very full!  The 3 medical students who are on rotation with us here from  University of Zimbabwe Medical School in Harare went back 3 times!  They can eat!  Not many leftovers!

Of course our electricity went out at 4 p.m. when it looked like a big storm was going to hit—so we did all with a gas stove and flashlights!  We are still out of electricity and it is Saturday afternoon and hot.  Looks like a good day to jump in the swimming pool!
Chuck and Sylvia Brown

Denise and Stephanie drawing CD4's

Stephanie and John drawing CD4's
 Stephanie, Jim and John sorting pills for ART clinic
 Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012


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