A container arrived

Last week on Saturday a 20 foot container sent from Sebastopol Christian Church arrived here at Chidamoyo! It had been sent in June and so we were very anxious for its arrival.

On Thursday we started to unload it.  We unload it bit by bit as we have time and bring the boxes and barrels to the hospital and put in the hallway outside my office.  Then as I have time we unload and sort through the boxes.

We  have only been able to unpack a few things but we received new printers for the office, gauze and gloves which we were desperately in need off and some foley catheters.  We will continue to work on it as we have time!

We are so thankful so many nurses, doctors and other people who save these for us.  Without these supplies we would not be able to afford them here.  Thank you for all who save for us.

Also a big thank you to Gene and Sue Beckstead who drive all over Sonoma County picking up the supplies and have their garage always full of supplies for Chidamoyo Christian Hospital.  they have to park their cars in their driveway because we keep their garage full!

We decided this year to buy a plow for our tractor and help staff and the local community  in plowing their field and then have money to buy fuel for
our generator and vehicles with the proceeds.  We have made close to $4000 in 2 weeks and we have more waiting!  Major took the tractor today to do his fields and mine.  We are so thankful for this.

Last night we had a bit of rain for a few minutes (2 mls) and of course it knocked out our electricity which just came back on Wednesday night--so here we go again waiting for them to fix it and for the next storm to knock it out!

Opening the container--Major and guys


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