We are now solar!

Lots of projects are coming together this week and we are happy to see some completion!

First we have been busy laying down pipes from the new borehole to the water tanks up on our hill.  Working in this summer heat has been a big job for the men digging and laying the pipe—seems it is all in the sun and not in the shade.  We have also bought a new pump we will use and also have finished the pump house around the new borehole.  We are hoping this project will be done in the next month.

Then we have are happy that on Wednesday, Major went to Harare to pick up the rest of the solar equipment and brought back 2 technicians from Chinhoyi who began work on Thursday installing the 18 solar panels and wiring to make us totally solar 24/7!  No more unreliable ZESA!  We are so excited!  The technicians have been working up on our “hot tin roof” for the last few days in 110+ degree heat—right in the sun.  They are being baked!  Using solar will save us thousands of dollars a month in electricity bills and also will give us reliable energy—something we have never known here! 

We are so thankful for all the donors who gave at our Seattle fundraiser to make this a reality!  Thank you to Larry and Cheri Gail and all our Friends of Chidamoyo group.  It is fully operational today!

We are making some changes in our Laboratory.  We are remodeling one part to put in a separate room for drawing blood and then 2 rooms for Laboratory tests.  Our two blood machines which Sebastopol Rotary Club purchased for us should be arriving any day.  We are redesigning the lab to include air conditioning which is needed to keep the machines functioning well.  We will all be volunteering, in this heat, to work in the Lab.

We also received word this week that we have been picked by Ministry of Health to get a Gen X machine which is to look for multi drug resistant Tuberculosis—something becoming more common here.  They are redesigning the other room in the lab and will be putting in an air conditioner for that part of the Lab!

God is good and the hospital is progressing so we are so happy.  Thank you to all our many supporters who make it all possible.
We have been very hot and dry weather--almost 110+ degrees for the past 2 weeks.  This week there has been a "heat wave" warning for  this weekend until  Tuesday when rain is suppose to be coming. I guess the 110+ was not a heat wave!  It was 91 this morning at breakfast.
Solar panels go up!

Wall goes up in remodeling of the Laboratory
Solar panels on roof of the hospital


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