Chidamoyo is "Cool"!

Those of you who know us at Chidamoyo or have been here to visit with us know how “cool” we are are, but this week we got even “cooler!”  We had a new air conditioning unit put into our labortory to keep the machines cool and running.  Without the air conditioning they were shutting down because they were overheating.  So with the new air conditioner we can keep going even in our hot season.
We also put an additional air condition in our operating room and it is very cool now for our doctors operating.  This week I got to enjoy it on Friday when I had several cases to do.  I think we will be fighting to work in theater and the Lab in October during our hot days!
We are thankful for our supporters who helped us make a big change  in both departments that will help our patient care be better.  Thank you!
Our only doctor left last Saturday to attend a family wedding in South Africa, so it has been me trying to run everything and do my job and his.  Boy have I been busy!  I am at the hospital at 7 a.m. and on the go until 6:30-7:30 every night.  I come home and eat and then collapse!  It has been so busy this week.  We were praying for quiet while he was away but it hasn’t been so far.  I was calling Dr. Kajese (our doctor who left in January) in Harare to consult on some cases as he was on call in his residency program.  He was on call for our hospital and Harare hospital!  No major problems and we handled everyone here, so we are thankful for that!  Just a few more days to hang on!
We have been sent 4 new nurses to join us in the past 2 weeks and we are so thankful for new staff.  Unfortunately we are losing 3 staff already who are wishing to transfer, so we are still not gaining much.  We keep praying for more staff.  We hope these new nurses will work hard and want to work well for our patients.
Our last Ohio State University medical student, Peter Sayers,  leaves today to do some traveling around Zimbabwe before heading to South Africa and then home.  I have been keeping him busy do small operations and procedures with me and setting broken bones and sewing up lacerations.  We wish him well as he awaits “the match” coming up to know where his residency will be for the next few years.
I now get 6 days break before our next guests arrived from the U.K.  Hope to catch up on some sleep!  

 Installing air conditioners

 Inside Lab

Unit for theater being installed

 Nurses on Day Shift

Peter assisting with Dr. Kellert


  1. Good to know that you guys have a new air conditioning system! How's it now? Having an AC is truly a huge advantage especially during those hot summer days. However, most owners somehow fail to maintain their units. This will leave their AC's prone to damage and may lead it to act up. Having professionals take a look will go a long way. Thanks for sharing!

    Darryl Lyons

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  4. This is an amazing development, Kathy. The better to serve your patients with, heh. The ambiance should not only put you all at ease, but calm and soothe your nerves so you can go through your operations carefully and promptly without the added distractions of heat and sweat. Kudos for this!

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp

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  6. Wow! It's really good that your hospital is equipped with an air conditioning input as it is necessary for some machines to be kept in cold area to function well. Also, the proper ventilation would be a relief to you and to your patients. With these air-conditioning units, you will be able to have a comfortable and relaxing work atmosphere. Thanks for sharing this one, Kathy. More power!

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