Wanted: 1 Helicopter!

Wow, one travel over our road from Karoi and you will see why we are dreaming of a helicopter.  This is the worse it has been in 34 years I have been here.  No one has worked on it for 4 years and now with an abundance of rain this year, it is a mess.  It used to take us 1 hr and 15 minutes to Karoi our nearest town.  Now it is 2- 2 1/2 hours!  We have 2 ways to go and we can’t decide if one is better than the other.  We always say it is shorter to the tar one way so at least the agony of the first isn’t so long, so we usually choose that way!
With the rain there have been big gullies and hole that have washed away in the road--it is always a challenge.  Most of us refuse to go to town unless absolutely necessary.  It is so painful!  Major goes 2 times a week sometime!  Glad he is younger and can drink a lot of coffee/coke to keep going!
We were happy to welcome our UK Trust board members, Gillian and Mike Withers from Crowthorne, England on the 17th of March.  They created our board and do our fundraising there and help us in so many ways.  This is Gillian’s 6th visit and Mike’s 4th and we have put them to work.  Gilly is sewing blankets together and patient gowns and Mike has fixed my gas stove, hung up my mosquito net after washing (a big task), fixed Cheryl’s pipes to her house, built a book shelf for our Lab and got our guest house showers working well!
We are so thankful for their time with us and for someone to do the odd jobs that have been needed to be done!  
Major is in town to pick up 3 more visitors today and 2 more groups come before Friday!  Work continues to be busy at the hospital and we look forward to our new doctor joining us in a couple of weeks--then we can all go on holiday, right?
 Some of our "Rocky Roads"

 Mike fixing shower heads and taps

Gilly sewing patient gowns


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