Back in Zimbabwe

Major and I arrived back safe and sound at 5 p.m. on Tuesday evening.  It was a long flight—25 hours total but we had an overnight break of 14 hours in Dubai which helped a lot to have slept in a bed and got to eat dinner and breakfast before heading out on the flight again!

We arrived in the middle of rush hour and it took us an hour to get across town.  Then we stopped for groceries and were on our way to Chidamoyo at 7:30 p.m.  We got in at 12:30 a.m. Wednesday morning and welcome back to Zimbabwe—there was no electricity for the past 5 days!  

We were at work the next morning and from then on it has been busy and back into the routine of life at Chidamoyo.  We were informed a team from Global Fund was coming for an audit on Friday and everyone was so nervous!  

Thursday the solar team from Chinhoyi showed up to get our solar back-up  running again.  They worked until Friday and got it going—good thing still no electricity from ZESA—but today they are sorting out some issues with it.

We called ZESA to ask when they thought our line would be fixed and they argued with us that we had electricity.  We told them we did not and they said but we fixed it a week ago!  Major informed them that it only last for 1 ½ days and when it rained a line fell again!  They asked us if we were sure (we were sitting in the dark!) and Major assured them we were sure—so maybe today they might start working on it!  Of course we had called them for the past 5 days to get the same answer “we are working on it” when in fact they weren’t!

The audit on Friday went very well and was helpful to us.  They were only here for 3 hours and left and they had helpful comments to run some of our programs better and were very happy with what they saw.  We breathed a sigh of relief!

Today is a bright and sunny day—but the ground is still very wet from the rain they had when we were gone.  Some of our crops will be salvaged from the drought but the southern part of the country is really suffering.

Finally got most of my suitcases unpacked and now sorted and ready to put away! The hardest part of coming home—putting things away!

 Rush hour in Harare!

Putting in the new batteries for the solar system


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