Two fast weeks in America

The memorial service for Jo Anne Minnis was held on Saturday the 27th of February.  It was very nice with pictures and videos and over 200 people came from all over to celebrate her life.  They had a wonderful reception with fresh Mexican food cooked there, a dessert bar by her granddaughter and a great time to catch up with many of the family.

We were happy to see Chidamoyo alumni Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick from Washington, D.C. and Chidamoyo board members and alumni, Patty and Gary LeDonne from Sebastopol, CA.

There was no graveside service, but we took some of the beautiful flowers from the service out to put on their grave after the reception.

We left the next day to travel 2 1/2 hours North to the small city of Solvang, CA.  This city is all built like a small Danish town.  We met up with my brother and sister-in-law Dennis and Kathy for 3 days at their timeshare they have there.  Kathy and Major visited many bakeries to try out all the goodies.  We spent a day at Costco and outlets shopping and got to have a fabulous buffet at a casino nearby.  It was great to see some of the family in our short stay here.

We then came back for 3 days with the Minnis's daughter Laura and her family.  We did more shopping (what else!)  We enjoyed a day with Bill, Reba, and Julie Harrison who drove over from San Bernardino to see us.  We served together in 1972-1973 at Chidamoyo.  Then they moved to Harare, when Chidamoyo closed in 1978 (then Salisbury) until 1981 and I stayed with them for almost 3 months when I came back in 1981 before I was able to move to Chidamoyo.  Bill was our pilot at the mission and Reba did many sewing and Bible Study groups for the women.  They are now retired and travel a lot in their camper.

Had dinner with more Minnis  relatives, lunch with the best friend of Jo Anne (Aunty Lil) and spent an evening at Disneyland.  We squeezed a lot in and now we are ready to go.

We leave at 3:30 p.m. to day (March 6th) to head back to Zimbabwe.  We have a 16 hears flight from LA to Dubai and then an overnight there and then on to another 10 hour flight to Harare!  We get home at 17:10 p.m. on Tuesday and plan to go straight home to Chidamoyo  (5 hours away) and back to work Wednesday!  Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts.  It has been a fast but great unexpected trip home!

 Memorial service for Ma--African flowers on left from Chidamoyo Hospital

 Major and Kathy with Dr. Lisa

 With Patty and Gary LeDonne

Major at gravesite

 Major and Kathy on their tour of bakeries in Solvang

Different sites of Solvang

Kathy and Dennis with Major

 Bill and Reba and Julie Harrison with Kathy

Major being Forrest Gump at Bubba's

Lil with Kathy and Major and Laurenrachel in Long Beach


 Major, LR and Kathy at Long Beach pier



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