Things happening this past week at Chidamoyo

Last weekend after 2 days of rain our weather took a turn for the cold.  It got down to the mid 60's in the early morning which is winter weather around here.  Mid-April is too early for winter here.  I even had a fire in my fireplace last Saturday evening, brrr....  It warmed up again this week--back to high 80's during the day and 70's at night!

This week we had an interesting patient.  A women was doing her wash in the dam right behind the Secondary School at Chidamoyo and was attacked by a crocodile on her hand.  It was a small croc so she was able to beat it off and get out of the water.  When she came to the hospital we took an X-ray and noticed that besides three breaks in her fingers--the croc lost a tooth inside of her!  We pulled it out and are bandaging her wounds everyday!

On Wednesday the 13th it was Dr. Isala's birthday--29th!  We made him wear the turkey hat on rounds and then we had a birthday cake for his birthday!  We surprised him--he didn't think we would remember.

On Thursday we were happy that a new to us 10 ton truck that we bought for the hospital arrived at the mission.  Friday morning we prayed for the truck with all the staff and sang our praise to God.  We bought the truck in order to transport goods and make money with it for running the hospital.  We sold 2 cars and a tractor and used that money to pay for it.

Saturday I came into Harare for 4 days from some rest and relaxation.  Today (Monday--April 18th) is our 36th Independence Day for Zimbabwe and a holiday.  Tomorrow after some running errands I pick up our next visitor, Julie Gibson, who is with me for 6 weeks from Florida.  She arrives in the evening and we will leave for Chidamoyo on Wednesday morning.

While in Harare I went out to dinner and visited with Dr. Kajese and his wife Noku and their daughter Alexis.  Dr. Kajese was our doctor at Chidamoyo from 2001-2004 and is in Anesthesia school in Harare now.  Baby Alexis is growing and into everything!

Notice the cold temperatures !

 The Croc tooth removed

 Happy 29th Dr. Isala!

 Our new truck for the hospital

Alexis Kajese


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