New visitors and a New vehicle!

On Sunday afternoon this past week a team from University of Washington, School of Physical Therapy arrived for 2 1/2 weeks with us.  Anne and Kaeli, PT students came with their teacher Kendra and arrived Saturday evening in Harare and travelled out to us Sunday afternoon.  They are working with our PT person, Brighton Kamhuka.  They are going out to schools and some of our Outreach points to see Disabled children and adults, as well as working at the hospital. We are keeping them very busy and they are enjoying it.

Kendra came in December 2014 with a group of 4 students and another teacher then, so we are happy to have her back.   We are happy to have this association and it is a big encouragement to our staff and a great learning time for the students.

Kaeli brought her ukulele with her and we spent one night singing some folk songs.  We had a great time recalling all the words!

Two of our visitors left on Wednesday for 2 nights at Rhino Camp in Kariba.  Kennedy and Makayla had a wonderful time and saw a lot--including 6 lions on three different times.  The other visitors are going next week on Friday to Rhino Camp.

We were so excited to finally hear on Thursday that our new Jeep we had ordered and paid for in October 2015--finally arrived and was ready to pick up. I think the company was so glad to finally get rid of us calling them everyday.  Major and I went in on Friday to pick it up.   We left at 5 a.m. and drove straight through to the company! It was parked in the showroom and very beautiful!  They gave me a dozen long stem purple roses and a bottle of champagne and 2 Jeep ball caps!  I really think they were so happy to be done with us!

Major surprised me by having personalized license plates made and put on the car that say "SR KM".  Wow--I was so surprised!  I was able to drive home from Harare and pick up the 2 girls in Karoi who had come from Rhino Camp and get home by 5 p.m.  They were happy to ride in the new car!  We stopped at the hospital and people were so excited by it!

The bright blue color is loved by everyone.  They thought we had painted our silver car blue as Major came long after me--so no one has seen the 2 cars together to know we have a new car!  It is so exciting and we are so thankful to our "Friends of Chidamoyo" group in Seattle that raised the money for this vehicle.  It is very needed and something we will use for many years to come.  Come over to visit and you can ride in it!

Tonight we sent Kendra and the 2 PT students and Kristen (visitor from FL) went to Major's and my village at Batanai to spend a night in the bush.  They will attend church there and come back tomorrow afternoon.  I stayed to take care of Kendra and Makayla who are not feeling so well.  I am sure they are having an "African Adventure."

Major introducing Kendra, Anne and Kaeli to hospital staff

Meeting with disabled patients 

Another school where the group meet with patients

Kendra and Brighton working with a mom and her disabled baby

 Kendra, Kaeli and Anne sining folk songs

The new Jeep--notice the license plates!

Major receiving the keys

Kathy receiving roses and champagne from the manager!


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