Gary and Patty LeDonne left on the 9th of May for the US after a quick 2 1/2 week visit with us.  We enjoyed their time here and thank them for their service on our Chidamoyo board.

On the 12th of May we had 10 Zimbabwe Christian College final year students and one teacher who came for 4 days with us to learn counseling skills and how to minister to ill patients.  We have been doing this for 25 years and have been happy to teach many ministers how to minister to sick patients.

Dr. Megan Fitzpatrick finished up her research project with us on Friday morning.  There is still some more work to be done but she unfortunately has to return to her residency at Stanford.  We will miss her and Matt being around after being with us for the past year.  She has a lot of exciting results to write up and her project will help change some important views on HPV and cancer in rural African women.  Many lives will be saved because of this important research. We were happy to be apart of it.

Major's birthday is today, #53!  Since they go home on the weekends to Batanai to farm we celebrated last night with a birthday dinner for the family.  This morning he came over for his Birthday Breakfast of French Toast with Peanut Butter and Maple Syrup and coffee!

Chloe and Andy finished off today at the hospital and head for Harare tomorrow night to go on to Victoria Falls before they leave.  They spent Monday-Wednesday this week at Rhino Camp with Major enjoying animals.

Major and I leave tomorrow night for a 2 day conference an hour East of Harare for AIDS care.  I'll be back on Wednesday and Major has things to do in Harare until Friday.

 Saying goodbye to Gary and Patty in Harare

 Combi even takes people on outside when full!

 Students from ZCC

 Teaching students at the hospital

 Megan presenting prelimanary results of her study

 Megan and Matt working on results

 Major celebrating his #53!

 Patience and Major

Major pouring his birthday coffee

 Chloe and Andy on rounds with Dr. Munodawafa


  1. My brother was also the part of the doctors team who visited Zimbabwe Christian College. He told me that people of Zimabawe are very innocent and polite. They need our aid and concerns also.

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