Holiday, more visitors and women's church conference

We started this week with a holiday on May 1st (Worker's Day) and Patty, Gary and I got home in time to welcome Dr. Megan and partner Matt back for more work at Chidamoyo.  We put Matt to work on Megan's project and also between that helping us with some computer and office work for the week.  He left this morning for a 5 day canoe trip down the Zambezi river!  We hope he comes back with all his body parts and no angry hippos or croc stories!

We had two other visitors arriving on May 1 but one had to wait because he needed a new passport and one got delayed coming out of London.  So early on Wednesday morning ( 1 a.m.) we welcomed Chloe Biss and early on Friday morning (12:30 a.m.) we welcomed Andy Brown.  Both starting 5th year Medical School in Birmingham, UK. Tthey are here for their elective until the end of the month.  Andy scrubbed in on a C/Section yesterday and today they are delivering babies!

Friday morning we bid goodbye to Patty and Gary at devotions as they are leaving Sunday after church for Harare and then home from there on Tuesday evening.  We are so thankful for their time with us.  It went too fast!  We are thankful for their service on our Chidamoyo Hospital board in the U.S.

Friday at noon Patty and I traveled to Magunje (about 1 hour and 15 minutes towards Karoi) for our area Women's conference.  Patty presented a lesson on how to be a Dynamic Christian woman, using examples from the Old and New Testament of Dynamic Women in the Bible.

Today (Saturday) we came to work and both Patty and Gary helped work on some Green Books (ART patient records) and helped us.

Gary brought signs with him to announce our 50th Anniversary and kept busy putting them up in the in-patient wards and on out-patient clinic veranda.

Matt and Patty helping with the Green books

Patty and Gary busy at work in the office of the hospital

Gary putting up Anniversary sign

Chloe and Andy, UK Medical students

Major saying goodbye to Gary and Patty at Friday's devotion

Women singing and dancing at Women's Conference

Audience of women

 Patty speaking and Mai Kwatchanera translating for her


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