How do the containers help?

Many people ask if the things we send are worth the money it takes to get them here in a container.  Let me tell you something that happened this morning to illustrate.  An old grandmother of 80+ years was beaten up with a brick from her psychotic daughter at 0400 this morning.  They found her about 6 a.m. when her other daughter went to see her.  She was slumped over in a pile of blood.  They luckily had a vehicle and put in the back of an open pickup truck and brought her here to the hospital (2 hours away).

When she arrived she was gasping for air.  She had lacerations in two places on her skull—she had 2 depressed skull fractures we could feel.  She was bleeding from her mouth where her front teeth had been, and her nose was bleeding as well as bleeding blood from the inside of her right ear.  Her eyes were both swollen shut and bruised and her cheek was swollen and bruised.

We had to put an IV line in her neck, take a blood count and stabilize her.  We then wanted to start Dexamethsaone IV to decrease the pressure in her brain. Our doctors were thinking what to do as we never have Dexamethasone to give.   We usually do not have that medicine as it is expensive here to buy privately and not available from the government pharmacies.  I had just found a 30 ml bottle this morning when sorting through boxes from the container that recently arrived.  I ran to my desk to get it and start the IV infusion. 

Someone gave us that vial from a hospital in the US because it was going to expire soon.  It was put in or container and now it is working to save a life of an old grandmother.  Thank you to all who save supplies for us, pick up those supplies and pack those supplies for us!  You are a big part of helping to save lives in ways you could have never imagined when you saved that medicine for us instead of throwing it in the bin!  God is great!

Unfortunately this lady died 2 hours after admission, but we did all we could to help her.

Opening and unpacking containers

 Carolyn Mereki helps me unpack and sort boxes from containers


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