Congratulations to Carolyn and Elections in Zimbabwe

We have had a busy couple of weeks here.  The good news is that on Monday this week we were in Harare for Carolyn Mereki’s (Major’s daughter) interview at the US embassy for her student visa.  She was in and out in 10 minutes.  She called her dad to pick her up and all she could do was cry.  He said don’t worry, it’s ok and tried to comfort her thinking she had been turned down and finally she was able to get out—I got it!!

Since then we have been on the move to get her a ticket, start packing, doing her physical, etc.  She leaves in 2 weeks on August 12.  She will be attending Kentucky Christian University in Grayson, KY.  She is majoring in Business Administration.  She has received a full scholarship for her tuition, but we must come up with room and board and books which is about $5400 a semester.  We put out a letter of appeal to help and many of our friends have answered and given generously!  We are working on second semester now!!  Thank you to our many friends who are willing to help Major and his family.

If you want to help with a tax deductible gift go to: Hippo Valley Christian Mission on line website and then mark gift for Carolyn Mereki.  

On Tuesday night this week we had a big going away party for Carolyn and for Michael (her brother) who came home for 9 days on his college break from South Africa.  They invited many of our neighbors and friends they went to school with her and Michael and I braiied (BBQ) a lot of meat.  We ate and had lots of music and dancing.  It was lots of fun.  I am sure there will be more going away parties to come!

Unfortunately, Major and I both can’t go and take her to college as that week we have the National Church Conference for all of our churches in Zimbabwe.  We are expecting 3,000+ people so lots of work for us to do.  Carolyn will be flying by herself to Indianapolis and then Ben and Karen Pennington who lived here for 40 years are picking her up and taking her to college to get her settled. 

Tomorrow is election day here.  Please be in prayer for peace and acceptance.  Many people are excited, and we are hopeful for free and fair and peaceful elections.  Pray for God to be in control and keep everyone safe!

 Carolyn got her visa!

Michael putting the food on the table

Everyone enjoying the party and food

Carolyn at her party

Election posters


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