Research time visits, container unpacked, an award won!

This week we had visitors from our Research group from Stanford and Harare and those working here at the hospital from Tuesday until Thursday.  We had a great visit and we seem to be making good progress in our research study.  We have added 347 kids so far and hope to increase each month.

We are seeing that our kids are doing better in their viral loads, which means their ART medication is working!  We are excited that most of or outreach clinics have achieved 90%  immune suppressed on ART which is our target goal!  Yeah for us!

Since we had a little bit of extra time this week in between seeing patients, I have had Carolyn Mereki helping me to unpack boxes from the container.  She sorts like things together and then I tell her which department to take the items too.  We are so thankful for all who help to collect supplies, sort supplies and pack the containers to come.  We really use the items and are in great need.

This week we unpacked some boxes of books that had been donated to Dandawa High School from Cardinal Newman High School in Santa Rosa.  The teachers and some students  came to unload the boxes and take them to the school.  Thank you to all the students and advisors in Santa Rosa for this generous gift.

This week we found out one of or former students from the UK—who came last year for an elective, wrote an essay about his experience and won the prize for best essay.  He has generously donated his prize money to buy a Vital Signs monitor for our recovery room.  Thank you to Henry White for this generous donation!  Congrats to Henry.

Dandawa High School loading up their books

Unpacking the container

 Carolyn Mereki helping to unpack boxes at hospital

 CBART Team, USA, Harare and Chidamoyo

Medical student Henry White on right


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