The container has arrived!

Major is happy to get a new chain saw!
Starting to unload the container

Pulling the container off the truck!

Unloading the container from the lorry

The container arrives

Winter is here!

Winter is here and Friday we woke up to 50 degrees! That is freezing for us here! I had to get all my winter gear out to walk to work to work.

Major had been in Harare since Wed to get our container cleared and it arrived on Friday morning. We were so happy to receive this container from Sebastopol Christian church and from people all over the US who have collected medical equipment and different things for us. We have started to unpack it and have already found needed gauze we were almost out of! Thank you to all who have helped!

We will keep working on unpacking in our spare time this week. There are much needed medical supplies for the hospital and we are so thankful for this help.

Major leaves for US on July 2nd and then Lori leaves on the 8th—so lots to do before they leave. We hope that some of you will be joining us for the BBQ and the Benefit for Hope. Please contact us if you can join us for more info.


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