The peanuts are going!

Second truck taking peanuts and we can see the floor!

Hauling peanuts away in first truck

The peanuts are being loaded from the chapel

It is so cold the dog is in blankets--43!!

After a long struggle we finally got a buyer for the peanuts which were unshelled and bagged. they came 2 weeks ago and bagged them up and weighed them--it took almost 2 weeks to bag them all. We had 38 tons! Can you believe it? This is all peanuts that have been bartered for our medical service. this is last years peanuts and more are coming everyday of the new stock.

One big lorry showed up Monday and another on Tuesday and started to haul them away! They only took maybe a third in the first load--so we may see the chapel floor again soon. Also they have agreed to keep buying all we have! This is truly an answer to prayer!

Winter continues and this week it got down to 43! That is way too cold for us!! We heard reports of gardens wilting from the cold, the Sanyati river having some ice on top and birds dying from the cold in areas! We had 4 layers on and kept adding. I think it makes it feel even colder here because during the day it gets to 80's and then as soon as the sun sets the temperature drops quickly with the coldest time just before sunrise! My dining room is a screened in veranda so this week I have been eating at my desk in the bedroom for breakfast!


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