Welcome to 2016!


I hope you had a good week between Christmas and New Years.  We enjoyed some time off from the hospital and no emergencies--so that was nice.

On Wednesday a visitor joined me from Seattle, Nikki who is an RN and massage therapy person.   She is with me for 2 weeks until she joins the Lake Union Crew for a week after that.  She has been helping with Well Baby Clinics and dressings and is going to teach us some massage techniques.

We worked until mid-afternoon of the 31st and then got to go home early for the New Years holiday.  We had church from 8 p.m. until midnight and the place was packed.  No one went to the township but came to celebrate with us.  At midnight Michael Mereki lit up the fireworks and they were loud!  Everyone enjoyed and then started to go home after 1 a.m..

New Years Day I started to take down my Christmas decorations   It was also very hot and I ended up jumping in the pool and then work awhile and back into the pool to cool off.  We haven’t had rain in a week and the fields are really needing it!  Pray for rain please.

We had a visitor in my jacaranda tree NY morning when we found a monkey!  He is eating the mangos and other fruit!  He has stayed around for a couple of days now. We haven't seen a monkey here in over 5 years.

The group building and Nikki went off to the village at Batanai to see Major and our village.  They enjoyed that and saw the Sanyati river.  There is a hippo that is walking around in one of Major's fields.

Today we went to work this morning and then got the rest of my decorations down and Monica came to do my hair.  It was up to 100+ today and no sign of rain!

The Lake Union Crew are making great progress on the Waiting Mother’s shelter.  They are almost half way through their time here.

Happy New Year and blessing for a great year in 2016.

Waiting Mothers Shelter progress

Russ, Kathy and Ann working on installing windows

Monkey in my Jacaranda tree


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    Keep Posting:)

  2. Happy new year 2017. i hope the place now changed into something really different in this one year. thanks for sharing this post .. Hope you are all good


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