Lots of work to keep us busy!

We have had a busy start to the new year as the Lake Union Crew continues on our Waiting Mothers Shelter.  Every Wednesday team members leave and new ones come.  We have met many people and they have all been a wonderful help to our project.  They are finishing the project on the 27th of January and they are ahead of schedule--so that is exciting.  Many people have remarked how beautiful it is!

Nicki Nichols from the group came 2 weeks early to work with us in the hospital.  She is an RN and Massage Therapist and she has been teaching the staff massage and we have been practicing on each other--they liked that!  She is now spending her last week with the group and she and 2 other ladies have been cleaning and sorting a storeroom.  This is a big help to us and we always need to be more organized.  Last week another group cleaned a hallway out!

Last week one of the builders that came was Dr. Julie Heyn.  She is a cardiologist in Seattle and she was a big help to our doctors and patients.  She would help us in the morning and then go dig trenches after that!  We so appreciated her work.

Of course our Seattle team was celebrating the Seahawks victory on early Monday morning our time.  They brought out their 12th man flag to hang on their project!

We have really had 2 weeks of hot and dry weather to start the year.  What crops were planted were drying up and wilting!  It was great joy that last Sunday evening it started to rain and we have had some good rains since then for a week--it has cooled us down and we appreciate that!  We lost power for a couple of days due to the storms--but got it back.  It was cloudy and cool and rained a lot to day so we are thankful!

One of the Lake Crew members, Ellen is a doula in the US and she has been working with our waiting mothers.  She had friends who donated for her to give cotton wool and soap and other gifts for the waiting mothers, so she handed them out on Friday to over 40 waiting moms!  They were so excited!

On Friday we were happy to announce that Dr. Nura Isala, our Medical Superintendent, paid labola (bride price) for one of our nurses, Loraine Mutimusakwa--we had a fun time congratulating them at devotions.

Last night our surgery team from Harare arrived.  Mr. Chihaka and Dr. Kajese came to do 3 hysterectomies and 3 hernia and another surgery for us.  We are so thankful for this volunteer time they put in for us.  Mrs. Kajese was able to join us and they brought their 4 month old daughter Alexis with them.  Major's daughter and niece babysat her today so she could help be a scrub nurse.  They left at 4 pm and I went to nap for a couple of hours!

Seattle fans from Lake Union Crew

Lake Union crew and local volunteers 4th week

Nikki leading massage class

Dr. Munodawafa and Dr. Julie working on a cardiac patient

Lake Union Crew putting on the siding

 Cutting the siding

Making shelves for our storeroom

 Cleaning the storerooms

 Ellen handing out the goodies to the waiting mothers

Surgeons here for work

 The new Mrs. Isala

No and Shield Kajese with daughter Alexis


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