Shantel update

Shantel had surgery on Tuesday and they removed her 30 cm spleen!  She is in ICU for the past 2 days but has done very well.  They asked the father to bring some pampers so she wouldn't have to get up to the toilet because of pain.  She they put one on and told her she can just wet in them and she said "NO way, I am not a baby!"  So from the first day she was up and walking to the toilet and doing very well.  They hope she will be moved to a regular bed today but she is enjoying ICU since she has her own nurse!

Thank you for your prayers and pray this will be the solution to her problems.  She told me on the phone she needs a new dress!  We will look for a skinny dress!  


  1. I hope she is all fine now. surgeries are always a great problem to deal with. not only for the suffer but the family as well..


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