Fires and more excitement

We have been having fun visiting friends and eating wonderful food.  We got to visit with our minister who used to be at our church in Sebastopol for 30 years,  Rick Hahn.  He and wife Sue are Chidamoyo alumni and now minister in Occidental.

We also went to Gene and Diane Nabor's house in Windsor for dinner.  Gene is a 1993 Chidamoyo alumni.  We made ravioli's for our dinner which was great fun. A few days later they have been evacuated.

On Tuesday the 22nd of October,  Major went with Gloria, Sylvia's niece, to San Francisco to see the sights.  He enjoyed a crab sandwich and a big fudge sundae at Ghiradelli's Chocolate factory. 

On Wednesday the 23rd of October Major and my brother  Dennis and his wife Kathy and my great nephew Maximo and I traveled to Fairfield for a VIP tour of the Jelly Belly factory.  We were on the floor seeing how everything is made from start to packaging.  It was so fun and then we had a nice lunch and drove home.

This week we have been experiencing “Red-flag warnings” in our hometown of Santa Rosa, CA.  It started 2 weeks ago with power turnoffs due to high winds, dry land and high fire danger.  The local power company, PG&E, gives warnings of what areas will be turned off from power and for how long.  So far, our house has had no power cuts, but our TV and internet and landline go out due to the tower for internet being turned off.  

The first turn offs in mid-October were for 2 ½ days and my brothers house was off (2 miles away) so Major came and stayed with us and they came to take warm showers at our place.  The next 2 turnoffs they have had power, TV and internet so we go visit them to do internet and watch TV—like the 49er game Sunday where they are no 7-0!!

Unfortunately, on Friday a big fire started even with the power being turned off, due to high winds (up to 90 miles/hour) and very dry earth.  The Kincade Fire started, and many acres have been burned and several houses.  Evacuation of over 180,000 in our area began on Saturday.  Many areas they gave 8 hours to get out.  Gloria, Sylvia’s niece evacuated to our house and a friend and her daughter and dog.  My nephew Marc and his son Alec were evacuated, and they are at my brother’s house.  We go every day to do our internet and check in with the family.

So far, the fire has burnt 100,000 acres and 15% contained as of Monday evening and 155,000 people on mandatory evacuation with 123 total structures destroyed and 4,150 firefighters on the scene.  Winds are expected to increase tonight so power is supposed to not come back until at least Thursday.  Life is always exciting.  Getting Major ready for life in Zimbabwe.

Major leaves tomorrow afternoon for Zimbabwe so we have been doing last minute running around. 

 Sue and Rick Hahn with Kathy and Major

 Making Ravioli's with Gene and Diane

 Smoke in the air from fires

 Decorations in our neighborhood

 Major on Ferry to SF

 Major with skyline of SF

Gloria and Major in SF


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