Happy Birthday, Doctors and Shopping

We arrived in Santa Rosa on the 24th of September and the same day I went for an Ultrasound to get ready for my proposed surgery.

On the 25th I turned 65 years old and I celebrated all day long and went to lunch with my forwarding agents Sue and Gene Beckstead and Major.  They then dropped us off and Major and I had a pedicure.  For dinner we met up with family—10 of us—and enjoyed a beautiful steak dinner at one of my favorite places, Cattlemen's.  We came back to sister Sylvia’s house for cake, ice cream and presents!

On the 27th for lunch we met up with Amanda.  She was a Chidamoyo alumni for 2003 and 2005 and then moved to Santa Rosa to become a nurse and now works at Kaiser Hospital in Santa Rosa.  We hadn't seen her in years so it was great to get to meet up with her!

On the 27th we went to Dr. Stephanie Huang’s office to get our ears clean and then out to dinner with her husband and twins, Lucas and Julian (all Chidamoyo alumni) Jeff Scharfen (Chidamoyo alumni) and his wife Dr. Cindy joined us for a wonderful Chinese dinner.  We kept celebrating my birthday!

On the 28th we enjoyed seeing great-nephew, Maximo McCarty (10 years old) play his little league game and win.

On Sunday the 29th Major and I spoke at my home church, Sebastopol Christian Church, for their 2 services sharing our work at Chidamoyo.  After second church they had a birthday party in the parking lot of the church for me.  They BBQed hotdogs and hamburgers and had 3 birthday cakes!  What fun it has been to celebrate this one! They invited several alumni from Chidamoyo!

Major and I have been busy shopping and helping the US economy in between doctors appointments, lab work and procedures.  We have been spending time going to lunch and dinner and seeing many friends.  It has been a great time to catch up with old friends, many alumni from Chidamoyo.

Yesterday I went to Stanford Medical (2 hours south of here center to see a specialist urologist.  He has referred me to see a Urogynecologist at Stanford for another evaluation later this month and then they will decide about surgery.  So, I have some time I can plan until I am tied down with further treatment.

I have been feeling well and enjoying being away from the stress of Zimbabwe.  We are hearing a lot of news from Zimbabwe and we are concerned and praying hard for improvement.  Doctors have been on strike throughout the country for a few weeks, which has brought more work to Chidamoyo.

Major is here until the 30th of October and he hopes to get to Kentucky to see his daughter before he leaves.  He is enjoying all the food and shopping!

Birthday lunch with Gene and Sue Beckstead

Birthday Pedicures

Family dinner for breakfast

Singing cowboys--Marc, nephew and Major

Amanda (Chidamoyo Alumni x 2), Major and Kathy

Great-nephew Maximo preaching

Lauren--Chidamoyo Alumni from Nashville

Cindy Cullen (Chidamoyo Alumni x2)

Kathy and great nephew, Maximo

Kathy blowing out candle

Dr. Huang family and Jeff and Cindy

Major and Great nephew Alec enjoying ice cream slush

Dr. Megan Fitzpatrick and Major


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