Visitng and Eating our way through the US!

Major and I have been busy traveling around and visiting friends and family and enjoying many meals!

On October 5 we were visited by Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick, from Washington, DC and enjoyed having lunch with her and my family.  I met Lisa in Zimbabwe when she was in a post fellowship in Infectious Diseases and stayed at my flat in Harare 1994-1995 and again in 1998.  She got to know my family when she moved to Berkeley to work on here MPH.  We enjoyed seeing her after some years.

On October 6th we spoke at Adventure Christian Church in Natomas, Sacramento, CA.  We enjoyed speaking for 2 services and staying for a lunch with church members.  They blessed Major and I with some spending money and we headed that afternoon for Bass Pro Shop and Major bought fishing supplies!  He had a great time seeing all of the different things in the stores and how cheap they are compared to Zimbabwe.

We spent 2 nights in Sacramento so we were able to have dinner with 2 friends I started nursing with in 1977--Cathy Holdener and Vicki Barber. We were all new graduates working nights and enjoyed taking our breaks together.  We had dinner with them at a great Mexican restaurant and also had another meal with Cathy and Bart Holdener and their daughter Jennifer who have travelled with Major and I in Zimbabwe one trip (2014)  and Zimbabwe/Capetown another trip (2018).

We then travelled to Reno with my brother Dennis and sister-in-law Kathy Rose to see my brother-in-law, Mike Fish.  He was married to my sister Carol for 54 years before she died in 2012.

While in Reno we enjoyed 2 buffet breakfasts at Atlantis casino where there were rows of food.  Quite overwhelming for us from Zimbabwe to see all the food!  Major took advantage of it all and went back several times!

We visited with Chidamoyo alumnus Stacy Jaquith and her mom one day and we met  an old neighbor from Santa Rosa that we lived near and she babysat for my sister and me and has girls our age.  I was able to see them after several years as they live in Reno now.

We continue to meet with many friends and family and enjoying many meals out.  Major is gaining weight and I am trying to lose weight!  

We have been enjoying going to great nephew, Maximo's baseball and soccer games and we were here to celebrate his 10th birthday this week.

We had a visit this week by Gail Onyette, a good friend of Sylvia's and mine that I originally met in Australia in 1981 on my way to Africa.  She came up to celebrate her birthday with us.

I have been feeling well and have been referred to a specialist who can't see me until December 9th at Stanford.  In the meantime I am keeping busy going for routine tests and having a Primary Care Physician here at home.

Major leaves in 10 days so we have been busy packing the container that is ready to send.    We have been busy buying and putting things in to save us money for the hospital.

Life in Zimbabwe continues to be a struggle.  If you are interested in finding out some current new check out:

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 Mapi (Sylvia's son) and Great nephew Max

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 Speaking at Natomas Christian

Snook Family from Sacramento

Fish at Bass Pro

Jennifer Holdener with Major and Kathy

Rows of food in Reno!

Mrs. Jaquith and Major and Stacy

Eating again!

Mike Fish and Paulette with Kathy in Reno

Major with Nancy and JoAnne Seegelken and Kathy

Major bowling!

Hwang and Sharfen families with us

Major enjoying doughnuts!

Happy Birthday Maximo

Nephew Marc and his son Alec

Happy 10th Maximo!

Gail and Kathy and Sylvia

Packing the container

Eating with brother Dennis


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